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Who we are...

e-Century Publishing Corporation is
an online publishing company which
is dedicated to provide services to
the academic community of medical
science in a time-efficient manner.

Any publishable manuscripts
submitted to any of our journals will
be published in no more than two
months once it is accepted.

Scientists who are sharing our goal
for Freedom of Sciences are
welcome to join the editorial team
of our journals. Please e-mail to if interested.

What we do...

e-Century Publishing Corporation is
currently publishing the following
scholarly journals:

International Journal of Clinical and
Experimental Pathology

International Journal of Clinical and
Experimental Medicine

American Journal of Translational Research

International Journal of Physiology,
Pathophysiology and Pharmacology

International Journal of Molecular
Epidemiology and Genetics

International Journal of Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology

American Journal of Cancer Research

American Journal of Blood Research

American Journal of Cardiovascular Research

International Journal of Burns and Trauma

American Journal of Nuclear Medicine and
Molecular Imaging

American Journal of Stem Cells

American Journal of Clinical and Experimental

American Journal of Neurodegenerative

More are coming...

Open Access Publication Fee...

All journals listed on this page are
open access and are financially
supported by the open access
publication fee paid by our authors.
Please go to journal's website and
visit "Information for Authors" of
each journal for details.

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Mailing address:
e-Century Publishing Corporation
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Madison, Wisconsin 53711

Tel: (608) 358-5637

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Dear Colleagues and Friends, Thank you for visiting this website. Here are some basic quick facts about us. We are currently
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